Seaform Artwork

Lilly2The beautiful art throughout Pacific Grill was created by artist Ayala Serfaty.

Ayala Serfaty, born in Tel Aviv in 1962, studied fine art at the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem & Middlesex Polytechnic in England. In 1994 Ayala founded “Aqua Creations” with husband Albi Serfaty & remains the sole designer at the company.

For over a decade Ayala has sculpted beautiful lights inspired by forms from the natural world–jellyfish, shells, coral, seed pods & flowers. These remarkable lights are created out of resin-coated silk which yields both a wonderful sense of tactility & a suffused, colored light that is appealingly warm.

Her inspiration came from a holiday she took by the Red Sea. “I was snorkelling among the coral & the fish. Everything under the water looked like chairs & lamps! It changed my life.”

DSC_0416So began her fascination with designing lights in fluid shapes & delicate materials. Serfaty’s designs are patiently fabricated by hand by skilled crafts people in her own company run with the help of her photographer husband, Albi. She describes the resulting products as “gentle but firm, soft & yet very much defined.”


To learn more about Ayala and Aqua Creations, visit their website.


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